Very Impressive, Red Bull. Very Impressive.


@christinemcfaul #THESHOW

Emerging media technology. Rolling my eyes (at myself) as I analyze this for fun.

Red Bull is doing it right again by connecting with a generation of millennials who highly value their technology, creativity, appearance, and arrogance.

As if I wasn’t obsessed with myself enough, Red Bull and Instagram have now teamed up to hand feed me my dream world in a personalized video. Red Bull’s new website,, generates a video featuring your Instagram photos as ‘art’ displayed during a raging party at your studios opening night.

#THESHOW uses your trendy Instagram hashtags such as ‘#tbt’ to combine your Instagram photos with reactions from the guests that any young iPhone-inspired Instagramer would want to hear.  The guest’s responses also imply a sarcastic humor that pokes fun at popular and overused hashtags. This gives all viewers a chance to step back from the ‘dream world’ being presented and have laugh at ourselves. Laughing, because we all fall guilty of using the same lame hashtags that give #THESHOW the capability to create the overly-personalized the video.

*Side note thought: Ironic right? Us millennials value ourselves so much as individuals that we’re obsessed with our personal social media pages. However, looking at user profiles as a whole, we’re all guilty of using the same annoying hashtags and feel proudly of our most ‘liked’ photos.

Anyways, Red Bull also decided to pull the celebrity card and strategically placed Mark Webber and Lindsey Vonn as some of those witty guests at the party who react to the photos. (I’m not to keen on celebrities so I didn’t even know this until I read an article about it.)

The website launched Nov. 15 and is apparently only going to be available for 90 days. Why?  Simple, the ‘get it while its hot’ technique. By making the #THESHOW online for only 90 days, this gives users just enough reason to rush into creating their shows while also captivating a young audience with a low attention span.

Red Bull has definitely branded itself as a company that knows how to connect with the millennial generation. And as for being a targeted audience on the other side of the fence, Red Bull and Instagram are two companies that have gained my trust and the trust of my generation by simply being awesome and giving us a reason to connect with one another.

The best part about @christinemcfaul #THESHOW  was the reactions that I got from my friends on Facebook. Knowing how obsessed I am with emerging media my best friend Kelsey shared my video thinking that I produced it all by myself. She wasn’t the only one who thought the video was my creation either, one of my other friends commented on the video claiming that I’m now famous. Oh and one more, I quote, “You spent way too much time on this. haha. but that’s a badass picture with the grouper on the sling.” I even explained the ‘editing’ process; that Red Bull makes the video for you by combining it with your Instagram and the response still came back, “You know I know you made that, right?”

So today I bow to you Red Bull and Instagram. You’ve shown that you understand my obscure need for a video showcasing my self-proclaimed artistic talents on Instagram. At the same time,  you’ve provided me with a product that produces that warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I can show my friends just how cool I am.

What do you think?

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