Thankful for Paradise

I woke up early yesterday morning at my parent’s house in Boynton Beach, Fla. with a bikini state of mind. Knowing that most of my friends were at work or school, it still being the day before thanksgiving, I decided to just go to the beach by myself.

It hasn’t been warm enough in Jacksonville to even go to the beach enjoyably, and even before that I was freezing my face off in England and France. Here in Boynton Beach, however, it’s 83 degrees in late November.

There’s something about going to the beach alone that just always makes me think.

I remember the first time I went up to visit Jacksonville and dipped my feet in the ocean asking my mom, “Why is the water so brown?” I guess they say that “ignorance is bliss” for a reason, I just assumed that all oceans in Florida were the pretty turquoise blue that I was used to growing up with my whole life.

Every time I’ve visited home, since going away to college at UNF, I’ve realized how beautiful South Florida really is. Seriously, my friends think I’m going on vacation every time I’m going home. Clear water, palm trees, big blue skies. I was lucky enough to grow up in paradise, a semi-new concept in my mind. Moving away from home has really made me appreciate the place where I grew up.

I think I came to the Boynton Inlet four times a week in high school and didn’t think anything of it as anything more than just a place to get a tan. Yesterday, I sat on the beach alone in pure bliss just listening to my iPod, taking a few pictures and thinking about all the memories I’ve made at the Boynton Inlet. Reflecting on my life now, as about to finish my last semester in college, I know that if I ever do move back down south I’ll be appreciating my little piece of paradise a lot more.

So for thanksgiving I suppose I’m thankful for South Florida, and I’m thankful that I was lucky enough to be raised here. Mom and Dad, you made a great decision when you left snowy Michigan for the Sunshine State.

What do you think?

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