How can PR Students Benefit from One Spark 2014?

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I was recently interviewed by UNF student, Victoria Robertson where I answered some questions about how UNF PR students can benefit from One Spark 2014.

So as a student in the public relations major, what can they benefit or gain from One Spark?

Students in the Public Relations major can get a lot out of One Spark 2014. Last year I attended One Spark as just a curious festivalgoer and was able to walk away with a summer internship just from having a conversation with one of the creators. With so many different creators and venues showcasing their products and ideas it really is a PR students dream. One of the great things about One Spark is being able to see how the different creators present themselves to attendees during the festival. PR students can also take advantage of the #OneSpark on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to interact with One Spark supporters online which can lead to networking and job opportunities.

How has One Spark helped you in your career, or future career in Public Relations?

One Spark really launched my career as a Public Relations professional. I had found my first internship with a startup student website during last years One Spark. That internship taught me so many skills to communicate with companies professionally. This semester I was lucky enough to actually be interning at One Spark. Going to events and taking pictures has given me tons of exposure in the Jacksonville community and taught me things about Jacksonville that I would have never known. Also writing editorials and press releases has helped me to improve upon my writing and taught me how to connect with different media outlets.

What are some of your personal experiences with One Spark that really stand out?

During the festival last year I had the opportunity to explore many of the buildings downtown that I had never been in before. It was like exploring a new city. As a photographer, and an artist, I was able to see Jacksonville’s true creative potential. I remember being drawn into the Bank of America building by someone handing out pinwheels. Then taking the elevator up to one of the top floors and being able to the Mains street Bridge in all of its glory. The crowds of people looked like breadcrumbs crossing over Main Street Bridge and shuffling in and out of the Jacksonville landing. The day was filled with changing viewpoints. I had met so many people and learned so much in one day that I truly fell in love with the festival and that really stood out to me.

If you are apart of One Spark because of an internship, what are some of the reasons that you are glad you choose to work for them?

One Spark is only in their second year and they’ve already impacted my life and the city of Jacksonville in enormous ways. I believe that crowdfunding is the future method of raising money projects that people are passionate about. To me there’s a simplistic, democratic, beauty in that. One Spark gives every creator a chance getting tons of exposure to the Jacksonville community and online. However, the funding aspect is based on the publics vote. What that means is that the funding only goes to the projects that the creators and the attendees are both equally as passionate about. In that way I think that brings balance to the festival because the results really do count.

What do you think?

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