Ice Mule at Surf Expo

This past weekend I had a blast representing Ice Mule Coolers at Surf Expo 2015. We kicked off the first day of Expo with with an awesome video leading up to our booth. Hawaiian hula dancers had started the day with traditional dance moves, drums and blowing a huge conch to signify that #SurfExpo2015 had begun.Our first day involved A LOT of walking and a A LOT of networking! We met up with some of our old friends at Boarders Magazine from Surf Expo last September who interviewed the “IceMule Models”, Angie Grab and I for their Surf Expo 2015: Best of article. We also made new friends with brands; STRGHT Skateboards, Get Salty Apparel,  and  Nautilus SUP.

On the second day of Expo we were joined by fellow Ice Mule team members, and social media killas’ Guy Barnheart and Kayla Beckman. Kayla showed us all how it was done on the half-pipe and we learned that Ice Mule Coolers can also be used as a backpack booty-bumper safety device. Who knew! That afternoon we were also lucky enough to cross paths with Surf Legend Tom Caroll. I even snagged a clutch shot of him testing the durability of the Ice Mule Pro Cooler!

On the last day of Expo we had an overwhelming amount of buyers and Expo attendees interested in sponsoring the Ice Mule. Overall we had an awesome time that was well worth the trip down to Orlando. The cherry on top of my Surf Expo experience was when I saw that one of my favorite brands on Instagram, @freakerusa  had reposted a photo of me hanging on their tour bus from my Instagram. I was blush-faced-flattered.

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