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UNF Gives Voice to the Orcas” is my most recent social media campaign that I launched November 18th, 2013. I strongly believe that the capture and breeding orcas in captivity is ethically and morally wrong. I’ve created this campaign to spread awareness of this issue with my peers. This is the current UNF Gives Voice to the Orcas ‘About’ section:

“My name is Christine McFaul I’m a Communication student at the University of North Florida. My passion is animal rights activism with a specific interest in Orca conservation and cruelty awareness. I’m here to raise awareness that whales & dolphins should not be held in captivity at amusement parks like SeaWorld. This Facebook pages is for supporters of my dream that our future will consist of a world where animals are not caged but are given the freedom to live comfortably in their natural habitats. I hope that as a conscious person you would share my dream with your friends on Facebook and learn more about respecting, conserving, and saving these beautiful spiritual animals. Thank you all for your support.”

Please check out the Facebook page UNF Gives Voice to the Orcas.

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