Touch and Color: This print ad’s got my attention.

Turning print ads into digital media? Not quite yet, but could soon be the future. Even though I may never buy a Moto X I definitely might be investing in the next issue of Wired magazine. The Moto X uses eye popping advertising by letting you change the color of the phone on a slightly thicker “print page” in center of next months Wired magazine. The ad will only be in magazines distributed to 153,000 subscribers in New York and Chicago, as well as newsstands in those areas, talk about your target audience.

The magic behind the ad is a Plexiglas screen inside a page of polycarbonate paper. The ad uses LED lights and lithium batteries and a little bit of tech to power the screen into changing the image color 11 different ways. Inside the Ad

This is just one way team Google has campaigned the “unique” features of the Moto X. They’ve also installed display advertisements at bus stops that can recognize clothing color of people standing in front of it and change the smartphone image on the display accordingly to that color. Moto X may not have the best or most popular product on the market, but using Google for advertisements has definitely got my attention.

What do you think?

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