“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

This is a Facebook post I wrote at the end of the Fall 2013 semester. Reading over it encourages me to dream big and lets me know that if I set my mind to it, I can accomplish seemingly impossible goals.

“This semester was my first time using my passport. My boyfriend took me to the Bahamas in August, but I couldn’t stop there. That month I also drove to Atlanta and surprised my best friend Nicole on her 20th birthday. This semester I found a kitty to keep me company and managed a long distance relationship by going home to South Florida every other weekend. In October, I turned 21 and celebrated birthday at a Jags game. In November Angie and I traveled to London, England, to visit our favorite girl Erin, who was studying abroad. Oh, and we also took last minute excursion to Paris, France.

I went to every single PRSSA event, and became part of their leadership team.  I volunteered my time selling ads for Spinnaker Media and doing events with the Women in Business Society. I held my first part time job in college at the District, while still talking five classes.

I networked ex-SeaWorld trainers who stared in the movie Blackfish and created the Facebook page “UNF Gives Voice to the Orcas” to raise awareness about the treatment of orcas in captivity. I landed an amazing internship with One Spark and created my own website christinemcfaul.com.

All while managing to keep my name on the dean’s list for the third semester in a row.

This semester has given me the realization that happiness comes with accomplishing the impossible at least once maybe twice a day. What kind of impossible did you accomplish this semester?”

What do you think?

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